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Tailored C/C++ Development

For server/desktop/mobile applications.

The C programming language was invented in the 70s. Today it's a reference widely used directly or indirectly across all industries.

Its native ahead-of-time compilation puts this language to the top of the list in terms of raw computing performances.

C++ brings object-oriented programming on top of the C language. It also adds generic programming (code templates), advanced data types and standard low-level memory management.

The latest evolutions (C++11 and soon C++14) are adding more modern constructs, such as limited type inference and anonymous functions (lambda functions).

The C++ standard library is a set of data structures, algorithms and utilities to make applications.

It was pioneered by SGI and is today an independent iso standard.

The boost meta-library is another set of reusable data structures, algorithms, utilities and system components to make complex applications.

Some modules were adopted as part of the C++ standardization process.

For 3d real-time rendering Opengl is the cross-platform standard. It supports latest gpu (graphical card processing unit) features with proprietary extensions.

Openvg is a standard for vector graphics rendering. More recent than OpenGL it targets efficient hardware 2d rendering.

Opencl allows using gpu (graphical card processing unit) computing power to increase the performance of complex data-driven algorithms.

A vast collection of image processing and computer vision algorithms are bundled into opencv as a unified library.

It can do advanced image filtering, robust features detection, objects recognition, image stitching and 3d reconstructions among other features.

Qt provides an abstraction layer to build cross-platform applications with user interfaces.

wxWidgets is a cross-platform application framework for C++ supporting linux, macos x and windows.

Gtk+ is another cross-platform user interface library.

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