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For web applications, web services, server/desktop/mobile applications, distributed systems.

Java is an object-oriented programming language launched in 1995. Once compiled, a Java program can be executed on any machine supported by the JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

One of the key advantage of Java over native programs is that the memory management is greatly abstracted safer operations and simpler implementations.

J2se is the Java platform for data-structures, i/o, user interfaces, sql, xml and many standard software components. J2ee is an extension of features for enterprise applications.

When real-time information retrieval with complex dynamic queries is required, lucene performs extremely well. It's a full-text search solution built on top of Java.

Solr and elasticsearch are standalone products using lucene under the hood. They can be used to index billions of documents distributed over many server nodes to return results in less than a second.

In the world of nosql databases, cassandra is a reliable and very scalable key-value store.

Its high throughput and very configurable backend makes it a good choice for a general nosql database.

Hadoop ecosystem is a solution to big-data challenges. It is a map-reduce framework to compute on data at large scale. The distributed file-system component with unlimited storage capacity behind hadhoop is called hdfs.

Mahout brings a collection of data mining algorithms applicable to large dataset implemented on top of hadoop map-reduce framework.

Spark is a near real-time, in-memory data processing pipe-line which can fetch data from hadoop.

Web-services can be implemented with ease using apache cxf, thanks to the direct mapping between Java code and web-service definitions.

It supports jax-ws and jax-rs frontends, rest (xml, json), soap and corba formats over various transport channels.

To add scripting capabilities to an application mozilla rhino project brings a fully fledged JavaScript runtime which can interact with the Java program.

Another option to scripting in an application is the jruby project bringing the elegant Ruby language to the jvm.

Jackrabbit is an open-source implementation of the Java Content Repository specification.

It's a library of choice to implement a cms (content management system) as it provides structured data storage, retrieval, versioning and transactions.

The jni (java native interface) enables calls to native code - such as C/C++ libraries - from Java.

To implement unit-testing in Java, testng offers a modern testing solution. It extends junit features in an elegant way.

Slf4j is a generic logging facility which aggregate the output of all the different loggers in use in a project, including log4j.

The companion implementation logback is a perfect fit for formatting and persisting the logs generated by an application.

Maven is a project management tool. It manages project builds, error reporting and dependencies.

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