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For web applications, web services, server applications.

Javascript is a dynamic programming language made to run on the web. Its official name is ECMAScript.

All modern web browsers support executing Javascript code within html pages. It can also be executed outside of a web browser.

Coffeescript is a higher-level language that compiles to Javascript. It simplifies the syntax and adds quite a few cool features.

In the end it produces a Javascript code that can be executed in any environment.

Another higher-level language is Livescript that aims to add functional programming features to Javascript.

Gwt uses Java as the source language which is then compiled to Javascript. The advantage is to have accurate code validation at compilation, ensuring the good behavior of the final application.

Yet another approach using Java to Javascript compilation to guarantee better code quality.

An efficient server application in Javascript? With node.js and its v8 engine it becomes reality.

It offers event-driven model and non-blocking i/o for thin and scalable applications. This is particularly suitable for real-time data feeds.

jQuery is the de facto standard for manipulating html in Javascript. It abstracts away the specificities of each web browser into a unified api.

Knockout.js is a reactive framework to build Javascript components and applications. It offers bindings which are synchronized with the data model.

Angular.js is a comprehensive framework to build web applications in Javascript.

It supports dynamic two-ways data binding and abstractions to build reusable components.

Javascript is not confined to web browsers only. The jvm (java virtual machine) can execute Javascript with mozilla rhino project.

Grunt is a popular task runner for building client-side web applications.

Bower manages javascript dependencies such as external libraries.

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