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For web applications, web services, server applications.

Ruby is a dynamic programming language. It offers an agile environment focused on productivity.

A registry of ready-to-use extensions exists and is called rubygems.

A popular mvc web framework is ruby on rails. It provides clean conventions to build a structured web application.

It comes with a bundled orm (object relational mapping) called active records.

Sinatra is another web framework alternative for Ruby.

Compared to ruby on rails, it favors simplicity and flexibility.

Nokogiri parses any html or xml document and exposes the content in a simple way. Analyzing and extracting information from real-life html pages becomes a simple formality.

When it comes to automated testing, rspec is a popular choice with many features.

A very good enabler for tdd (test-driven development).

Apart from the original Ruby runtime, it's possible to run Ruby code within the jvm (java virtual machine).

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