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For web applications, web services, server/desktop applications, distributed systems.

Scala is an object-oriented and functional programming language developed at the epfl and running on top of the jvm (java virtual machine).

It brings powerful features to the Java ecosystem, such as a unified type system, a very well designed data structure library, concurrent actor model and futures, pattern matching and mixin-based composition.

In short it leverages all the existing possibilities in Java and extends it further. The result is a more flexible and reusable code base written with less effort.

Scala.js compiles scala code to javascript. The project has matured quite a bit since earlier releases and is becoming usable for developping web applications.

The great advantage over plain javascript is the type-safety feature of the scala language as well as the support of a complete functional paradigm.

We are using and recommending the play! framework as a thin foundation to build web applications in Scala. It's a powerful lean framework simplifying the development and deployment of web applications.

If only a micro web framework is required, scalatra is the reincarnation of Ruby's sinatra project.

When an orm (object relational mapping) is necessary, slick is the solution of choice written for Scala applications. It offers a well-designed library to bind the data model to a relational database.

Actor programming is solving concurrency and robustness problems in a compelling way. Akka is dedicated to create and deploy concurrent application modules, talking to each other through a messaging queue. No more dead-lock, lock contention and data sharing issues.

Finagle is a highly concurrent web-service framework in Scala which is great to implement custom api providers and consumers.

An actor-based (akka) web client and server for rest/http api integrations.

Stress tests and performance benchmarks made functional, thanks to gatling. Well designed and scaling big with akka and netty behind the scene.

To ensure quality we recommend using specs2 which is a software specification library for Scala.

The Scala equivalent of Maven is called sbt. It's a tool to automate a scala project's build, packaging and deployment tasks. And of course it's written and configured in Scala.

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