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Web applications, web services, mobile applications, server applications.

Web applications are made of html, stylesheets, javascript and server components. They are deployed on a server and can be scaled up by adding more servers on-demand.

Many web standards exist and must be respected to achieve compatibility across the different platforms and web browsers.

Web development is becoming more and more versatile, with recent adoption of 2d and 3d rendering (canvas, webgl), audio/video apis, websockets, client-side storage and databases, to name a few.

The days of the static text web page are over. Let's make good use of these new possibilities.

Responsive web-design means that the same code is used to display the content on any type of device. The most popular framework to achieve this today is Bootstrap.

But responsive is not the only design concern to make a beautiful and intuitive user experience. It takes experience to layout well the visual components and ensure they will be understood by the final users.

Standard web development can be applied to design native mobile application, thanks to frameworks such as cordova, intel xdk or phonegap.

It is not required anymore to develop a mobile application twice - once for iphone and once for android, because with these solutions the code stays the same and produces both versions at the same time.

Comprehensive client frameworks - such as angularjs, knockoutjs or meteor - are key components in modern web development. They enable us to write simpler and better code which translates to fewer bugs, more efficiency and easier maintenance.

Many choices are available and each has different strengths.

When used properly nosql databases extend scalability beyond what is possible with a traditional relational database, such as mysql or postgresql.

With the help of intelligent indexing and stream processing, it's possible to offer real-time computation and retrieval on these data.

Many tools and services already exist on the market, some are even open-source. Why reinvent the wheel?

Analytic, monitoring, chat, feedback/support, surveys, full-text search engines, unlimited redundant storage, hosted databases, crm, erp, e-commerce solutions...

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